20 {free} font favourites!

Having a great font can make all the difference on a website or graphic design project. I have to admit, I am a total font addict!

Here are a collection of beautiful fonts that I love and the best part? THEY’RE FREE! Who doesn’t love free? Im really into the vintage look lately so some of these work perfectly!

Sea Salt Web free fonts

1. St Marie  2. Champagne & Limousines  3. Lavanderia  4. Museo Slab 500
5. Mailart Rubberstamp  6. Code Light  7. Marcelle  8. Simply Glamorous
9. Scribblebox  10. Peach Sundress  11. Blanch  12. Villa Didot  13. American Typewriter
 Bready  15. Walkway Semibold  16. Airplane  17. Print Clearly  18. Sail
19. Matilde  20. Petie Boy

Do you have any other fonts I should add to the collection?


  1. Pat Kelley says:

    I love your fonts! thank you!

    1. Sheridan says:

      Thanks Pat! We’re glad you like them and can put them to use!

  2. Marzia says:

    I found this while searching for something to blog and I loved this post.
    Congratulations 😉

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