40 Blog post ideas

Ahhh blogging – some love it and can write all day, whilst others (many others) really struggle trying to come up with ideas on what the heck to write about? Is this you? Do you think “What am i going to write about that people will actually be interested in?”

Well – here is a helpful list of 40 blog post ideas that you can write about to engage and inspire your audience. Always think in your mind – how is this going to help my readers?

  1. Lists
  2. Inspirational / motivational (and how it relates to your work)
  3. Tutorials
  4. Reviews
  5. How to’s
  6. DIY projects
  7. Printable’s (I LOVE THESE!!!)
  8. Checklists
  9. Items you’ve created (eBooks, freebies, reports etc)
  10. Personal stories
  11. Best of…
  12. Products you love
  13. Product reviews
  14. Collection of photos you love
  15. Q & A session
  16. Guest blogger
  17. Interview someone you admire
  18. Cheat sheets (i.e. short how to’s tips, tricks etc)
  19. Info-graphics (to share details visually)
  20. Pick of the week (books, products, clothes, blogs, technology etc.)
  22. Entertainment
  23. Travel guide or tips
  24. Bucket list
  25. Goals and how to obtain them
  26. Giveaways
  27. FAQs
  28. Recipes
  29. Compilations of resources you’ve found
  30. Beginners guide to… (help your followers on a topic)
  31. Holiday gift guides
  32. Before and after shots to showcase a makeover, a process or a service
  33. Product spotlight with photos
  34. Sneak peek to highlight upcoming projects and promotions
  35. Behind the scenes pics to show off your creative process
  36. Style post to show off the latest trends in your industry
  37. Teach something
  38. Get to know your readers with a survey
  39. Profile an Etsy shop or local business
  40. Ask a question

Let me know which topic you go with. Feel free to post a link to your blog below! Happy blogging lovelies!

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